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Alternative performance measures

Definitions of alternative performance measures

The annual report, the half year report and other communication to investors contain certain financial performance measures, which are not defined by IFRS. In addition to information based on IFRS, management uses these alternative performance measures to assess the financial and operational performance of the Group. Management believes that these non-IFRS financial performance measures provide useful information regarding Galenica's financial and operational performance. Alternative performance measures are used in Galenica's value-based management as the basis for management's incentive and remuneration schemes. Such measures may not be comparable to similar measures presented by other companies. The main alternative performance measures used by Galenica are explained and/or reconciled with the IFRS measures in this section.

Due to rounding, numbers presented throughout this report may not add up precisely to the totals provided. Totals are calculated using the underlying amount rather than the presented rounded number.

The alternative performance measures are unaudited.

IAS 19 – Employee benefits

The pension plans of Galenica are organised in legally independent pension funds and are based purely on the defined contribution principle as stated in the Swiss “BVG” law. Nevertheless, Galenica's pension plans are classified as defined benefit pension plans under IAS 19.

Galenica's results are influenced by external parameters that cannot be managed by the Group and the management is of the opinion that such an impact should be excluded when it comes to assess the performance of the Galenica Group. For this reason, Galenica also evaluates its performance by adjusting personnel costs as if those plans were defined contribution plans (adjustments for the effects of IAS 19). For these adjustments, the costs of defined benefit plans and long-service awards determined in accordance with IAS 19 are replaced by an expense based on the employer's contribution and long-­service awards for the period of ­service.

IFRS 16 – Leases

Lessees have to account for most leases on balance sheet by recognising lease liabilities and corresponding right-of-use assets. The right-of-use assets are depreciated over the lease term and the lease liabilities generate interest expense in the statement of income. Variable lease payments, not dependent on an index or rate, such as sales-based rental expenses are accounted for as operating expenses when they are incurred. With its large network of retail pharmacies, IFRS 16 has a significant impact on Galenica's balance sheet and the presentation of lease related expenses in the consolidated statement of income.

Galenica has lease agreements with fixed and variable lease payments and these payments affect various line items in the statement of income making comparisons across individual pharmacies and points-of-sale difficult. For this reason management also monitors results by adjusting the statement of income and balance sheet as if lease agreements were still accounted for as operating leases, e.g. all lease expense is presented in other operating costs on a straight-line basis and the depreciation of the right-of-use assets and the interest expense on the lease liabilities are removed. Income taxes are also adjusted accordingly.

IFRS 16 adjusted measures are important for Galenica's value-based management and therefore for management's incentive and remuneration schemes. As the type and duration of rental agreements under IFRS 16 have a significant influence on the invested capital and accordingly on the return on invested capital (ROIC) and on the Galenica economic profit (GEP), the invested capital is stated after removing lease liabilities. This minimises the risk that management makes decisions that are not in the interest of Galenica due to potential incentives when concluding leases.

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