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Remuneration system of the Board of Directors

The remuneration of members of the Board of Directors is independent of the performance of the company and comprises a fixed compensation depending on the function they assume on the Board of Directors and on its committees, either as a member or chair. Such remuneration is paid 50% in cash and 50% in restricted shares, or if the Board member so decides, 100% in restricted shares. The shares are blocked for a period of five years. In addition, after a period of two years, each Board member is required to hold shares of Galenica equal in value to one times the annual compensation. Remuneration settled in the form of shares of Galenica was paid at the average price for the month of December 2021, i.e. CHF 65.46 per share, net of a 25% discount. The payment was made in January 2022.

Based on the regulation, the members of the Board of Directors have the option of joining the Galenica Pension Fund. All contributions (employer and employee contributions for savings and risk) are born by the member of the Board of Directors.

The remuneration system of the Board of Directors in 2021 remained unchanged compared to previous year.

Remuneration amounts of the Board of Directors (net in thousand CHF, per year)

Chair of the Board of Directors


Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors


Board member


Committee chair


Committee member


The cash remuneration and the shares are paid in January for the previous business year.

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