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About us - Galenica Strategy

Galenica Strategy

About us

Galenica is the leading fully integrated healthcare provider in Switzerland and plays a key role in the Swiss healthcare market. We want to sustainably and successfully strengthen our market position and further develop our core competences.


Health and well-being are at the heart of what we do. They are the reason we give our best every day.


We built trust
We show respect
Together, we are stronger
We act as entrepreneurs
We participate with passion

We are a network of Business Units and like-minded partners, where everyone is passionate about their brand, but cooperation and sharing are the highest currency for maximising customer added value. Where practice, simplicity and the future are more important than theory, perfection and the past. With these values, we shape and combine our products, services and expertise around the major customer needs of today and tomorrow in order to be able to meet them even better – in a more seamless, more efficient and, above all, more personalised way.

Customer promise

We support people at every stage of life on their journey towards health and well-being. With personal and expert advice and a unique range of products and services. Anytime and anywhere in Switzerland.

Strategic objectives


Omni-Channel programme

Best customer experience anytime and anywhere
  • Build the required digital infrastructure to more efficiently connect our offline and online channels
  • An interconnected infrastructure that integrates and coordinates both, the personal and digital touchpoints
Further development and networking of all online and offline channels
  • Offline: constantly enlarge and optimise the pharmacy network
  • Online: improve our online shops and our offerings for patients at home
Expansion of product range
  • Expansion of product & service offerings according to our customer's expectations


  • Changing customer needs
  • Digitalisation
  • Interconnectedness
  • Cost pressure in healthcare system

ESG impact

Patient health, data protection
  • Customer satisfaction: more efficient and convenient healthcare improves well-being and health of our customers
  • Data protection as a prequisite for digital services
  • Customer satisfaction: better healthcare services
  • Affordability of healthcare: Galenica supports substitution by generics

Care programme

First point of contact for healthcare advice
  • Support our customers as their first point of contact for healthcare advice in our pharmacies, digitally and at home
  • Implementation and development of needs-based healthcare and therapeutic services, from prevention right through to therapy
First-class healthcare services
  • For patients who we can reach directly through our pharmacies or at home
  • For patients who we only reach indirectly via an interface with homes or home care organisations
Preferred cooperation partner
  • Be preferred cooperation partner of other important players in the Swiss Healthcare System


  • Changing consumer needs
  • Digitalisation
  • Interconnectedness
  • Cost pressure in healthcare system
  • Home care
  • Ageing society

ESG impact

Patient health, patient safety
  • Better healthcare services: improved availability of healthcare services in pharmacies
  • Affordability of healthcare: services in pharmacies are lower priced than from doctors
  • Better healthcare services, allowing patients to stay at home during treatments
  • Increased patient safety with services for nursing homes
  • We offer our customers the greatest possible added value through new cooperation models and strong partnerships

Professionals programme

First-choice partner for healthcare professionals
  • We offer specialist retailers and our pharmacies an attractive product range and comprehensive services
  • We are a leader in healthcare logistics and digital solutions for the Swiss healthcare market
  • We also want to expand the digital gateway for B2B customers
Leader in e-health
  • Our vision is to be a leader in the field of digital health services notably by developing and marketing innovative solutions to promote digitalisation and by setting standards in the provision of health databases
  • An important element are digital platforms that we either develop ourselves or in which we participate as a partner.
Patient safety and security of supply
  • We want to be the first choice when it comes to logistics services for all market players


  • Changing customer needs
  • Digitalisation
  • Interconnectedness

ESG impact

Patient safety, reliable procurement and supply
  • Thanks to digital e-health offers, partnerships and services adapted to market needs, we can reduce process costs and relieve the system
  • Our digital solutions reduce medication errors and increases therapy adherence
  • Availability of medicine: Galenica's logistics companies manage to make and keep more than 99% of medicines available throughout Switzerland within 24 hours

Efficiency programme

Simple and efficient, for customers, partners and employees

Our ongoing responsibility is to streamline our offerings even further and to organise the company itself in a way that is simpler and easier to understand for our customers and partners as well as for our employees:

  • by systematically making use of our synergies,
  • by working together to simplify our processes and systems,
  • by harmonising them across the Group
  • by digitalising them - where this makes sense
Process and cost optimisation
  • We realise our projects in the modernisation of the distribution centre in Lausanne-Ecublens and the implementation of the ERP system at Alloga and Galexis
Sustainable use of resources
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by increasing efficiency in logistics, installation of solar panels on operating sites


  • Digitalisation
  • Cost pressure in healthcare system
  • Climate change

ESG impact

IT security is key for sustainable business operation
  • IT security for sustainable business operations
Waste, recycling, emissions and climate change
Reducing emissions and combating climate change

Transformation programme

Making employees fit for the future
  • We support the continuous development of our employees
  • Reducing mental health problems within the workforce through new working models
  • Decisions shall be taken where the greatest knowledge is
Decision-making by competent, agile teams
  • We want to work with as few hierarchies as possible and instead build strong teams that work together across organisational boundaries
Promoting equal opportunities and diversity


  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Employee satisfaction addresses the lack of qualified staff

ESG impact

Retention of qualified employees, employee motivation and development
  • Employee satisfaction addresses the lack of qualified staff
  • Employee motivation and development
Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Employee satisfaction
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