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Management report - Outlook 2023

Outlook 2023

Management report

Galenica will continue to implement the initiatives formulated in the strategic programmes in a focused manner. This includes further linking and expanding the range of products and services across all sales channels.


Products & Care

  • The pharmacy network is being continuously optimised and expanded, including through investments in the shopping experience at physical points of sale.
  • The importance of the pharmacy as the first point of contact for health issues is to be developed further. To this end, customer access to advice and services will be further simplified and the service portfolio will be better adapted to customer needs. In addition, Galenica is committed to ensuring that the advice and services provided in pharmacies are reimbursed by other health insurance providers within the scope of supplementary insurance.
  • The rNPS (Net Promoter Score) is to be introduced across the board in pharmacies from 2023. It measures the willingness of customers to recommend the company to others. As a result, Galenica is placing customer needs even more at the center of fulfilling its customer promise.
  • In order to increase employee motivation and counteract the shortage of qualified employees, the roles of pharmacy assistants are starting to incorporate additional competencies and responsibilities in pharmacies. With this in mind, opportunities for further development are also to be created in a targeted manner.
  • In the home-care and care home sector, the cooperation between Bichsel, Mediservice, Medifilm, Lifestage Solutions and Emeda will be further expanded so that customers can benefit fully from the added value and new offers. The aim is to attract more customers.

Logistics & IT

  • Galexis is starting the new ERP system in a staggered manner and is planning to complete the integral testing phase in 2023. At the same time, Alloga will accelerate partner integration into the new ERP system in 2023.
  • Following the inauguration of the modernised distribution centre in Lausanne-Ecublens, this will be fully operational again in 2023. At the Niederbipp site, Galexis is planning to expand capacity for B2B and B2C logistics.
  • The implementation of the defined measures for achieving the sustainability goals is also a top priority. For example, further pilot projects with alternative drives for delivery vehicles, such as hydrogen, are to be launched and the necessary charging infrastructure for company vehicles is to be set up at relevant locations.
  • Following the successful pilot projects, the “e-prescription” is to be implemented as a new standard for service providers. Galenica is also actively participating in the development of national standards.
  • The “Documedis®” software solution from HCI Solutions is to be introduced for more doctors, care homes and hospitals. The use of “Clinical Decision Support Checks” is also to be further promoted in the interests of greater patient safety.

Guidance 2023

Despite the very strong 2022 financial year and rising costs due to inflation, Galenica expects both sales and adjusted1 EBIT to grow between +3% and +6% in 2023. Galenica strives for a strong yet sustainable dividend growth and plans to pay a dividend equal at least to the prior year’s level in 2023.

1) Excluding the effects of IAS 19 and IFRS 16. See chapter “Alternative performance measures”.

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