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Responsible partnership with


As the main partner of the platform, we support digital fundraising. Employees decide which social and humanitarian projects we actually get involved in. This makes it possible to identify more closely with “doing good” together.

Integration via ice hockey - one of the projects chosen by Galenica employees.

We have been the main partner of the crowdfunding platform since January 2022. Commitment is one of the measures that we embrace with our social responsibility. is a digital platform that showcases social and humanitarian projects and initiatives in the fields of climate protection, animal welfare and children's aid. In other words, a digital form of fundraising where supporters can rely on a careful and conscientious selection of initiatives and the greatest possible transparency, from project implementation through to completion. As the main partner of, we ourselves are a regular supporter of social and humanitarian projects. Our employees decide on the scope of any actual commitment in the form of various projects on which they can vote via the intranet: in 2022, for example, in addition to two initiatives in Switzerland, we were able to support a project that promotes better job opportunities for young people in South Africa.

The partnership with brings a lot of joy. For us, it is an important pillar of our social commitment and delivers much-needed help for project initiators.

Thanks to some remaining money at the end of the year that we set aside to fulfil our commitment to, we were able to support two further projects just before Christmas: a project to acquire land for the construction of a school in Uganda and a project by SOS Children’s Villages Switzerland, which supports youth education in Lesotho.

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