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About us - Galenica Strategy

Galenica Strategy

Galenica Strategy

Galenica is the leading fully integrated healthcare provider in Switzerland and plays a key role in the Swiss healthcare market. We want to sustainably and successfully strengthen our market position and further develop our core competences.


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Health and well-being are at the heart of what we do. They are the reason we give our best every day.


We place our trust in others. We keep our promises. We are credible.


We listen actively. We respect other opinions. We give feedback appreciatively.


We act in the collective interest of the Galenica Group. We consciously make use of the strengths of each individual. We learn from one another.


We act with courage. We take responsibility. We simplify things.


We move forward with enthusiasm. We stay on top of the game. We go the extra mile.

We support people at every stage of life on their journey towards health and well-being. With personal and expert advice and a unique range of products and services. Anytime and anywhere in Switzerland.

In implementation, we work with the Omni-Channel, Care, Professionals, Efficiency and Transformation programmes with the following objectives:

  • Best customer experience anytime and anywhere
  • Further development and networking of all online and offline channels
  • Expansion of product range
  1. We offer our customers the best experience through all channels, anytime and anywhere.
  2. To this end, we know our customers, create the optimal pharmacy network, build the digital infrastructure and network and coordinate their personal and digital points of contact.
  3. We continuously develop and expand our product range according to customer requirements.
  4. With our Omni-Channel offering, we access new customer groups, increase the number of loyal customers and thus boost sales and profits.
  5. We ensure that patient data is protected against unauthorised access and unauthorised amendments or loss.
  • First point of contact for healthcare advice
  • First-class healthcare services
  • Preferred cooperation partner
  1. We enhance our customers’ quality of life by offering healthcare and therapeutic services tailored to their needs. We market first-class customer services for priority indications, from prevention to therapy. We support our customers as the first point of contact for healthcare advice in our pharmacies, digitally and at home.
  2. With our extensive range of services, we establish new cooperation models with existing and new partners and aim to be the preferred cooperation partner in the healthcare sector – especially for health insurers.
  3. This enables us to strengthen our customer loyalty, win additional customers and significantly improve the result of services. We also contribute to a customer-friendly, high-quality and efficient healthcare system in Switzerland.
  4. The safety and health of our customers and patients are our top priority.
  • First-choice partner for healthcare professionals
  • Leader in e-health
  • Patient safety and security of supply
  1. We are the first choice for pharmacies, drugstores, doctors, hospitals and nursing homes as well as for our partners and suppliers when it comes to providing logistics services.
  2. We make a significant contribution to patient safety and health and efficiency in the healthcare system. We are committed to ensuring the quality of medications and reliable supply to the population along the entire value chain. We are a leader in e-health by developing and marketing innovative solutions to promote digitalisation. We set standards in the provision of health databases.
  3. We strengthen the entire specialist retail trade in the Swiss healthcare market by continuously developing our product portfolio to create an optimal range. We are an attractive distribution partner for suppliers offering product representation, marketing and distribution.
  4. We pool the expertise of the entire Group to create unique B2B packages with added value and significantly increase Galenica’s business success.
  • Simple and efficient, for customers, partners and employees
  • Process and cost optimisation
  • Sustainable use of resources
  1. We want to make Galenica simpler – for our customers and partners, and for our employees.
  2. We consistently leverage our synergies and thereby share our strengths to make processes and systems simpler, harmonise them across the Group and digitalise them where appropriate.
  3. We also make deliberate use of our employees’ ideas and suggestions to make Galenica simpler.
  4. By doing so, we create better customer experiences and also reduce costs. In this way, we contribute to the sustainable success of Galenica.
  5. We endeavour to take economically appropriate measures to use resources as efficiently as possible and to continuously reduce our emissions in order to minimise our environmental footprint as far as possible.
  • Making employees fit for the future
  • Promoting equal opportunities and diversity
  • Decision-making by competent, agile teams
  1. Together, we continue to develop Galenica sustainably and successfully with employees who can perform to their full potential with the right attitude and skills. To this end, we support their constant development and retain the necessary qualified employees.
  2. We promote diversity and health: equal opportunities and safety at the workplace are important to us.
  3. We consider ourselves as servant leaders: Managers set the trend and help all employees contribute to the best possible customer experience.
  4. We break down hierarchies and silos: We aim to have as few hierarchies as possible – we build strong teams that work together across organisational boundaries.
  5. We take decisions where the greatest knowledge is: As far as possible, we delegate decision-making to where the knowledge is. Employees have to decide independently on the necessary competencies within the given framework.
  6. We are agile: When working together, we focus on the essentials. We take a step-by-step approach and react quickly to changes. We try out new things, learn from them and adapt where necessary. We also involve customers as early as possible and achieve initial results quickly.

Our vision, values and customer promise set out what drives us, how we work and what we offer. The strategic programmes define what we want to achieve, and how.


Health and well-being are our motivation for everything we do and are at the heart of our vision.


Our five key values guide us in all our activities and form the basis of our shared understanding of cooperation and how we treat one another.

Customer promise

The customer is always the focus of all our activities.

Strategic objectives

In implementation, we work with the Omni-Channel, Care, Professionals, Efficiency and Transformation programmes.

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