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Outlook 2022

Outlook 2022

Galenica will continue to focus on implementing the projects from the strategic programmes. This includes linking and expanding more products and services across all sales channels. At the same time, the logistics and digital offerings are being developed further. And finally, Galenica intends to achieve greater increases in efficiency across the entire Group, for the benefit of customers and partners alike.


Products & Care

  • The pharmacy network is being continuously optimised and expanded, including by improving the quality of the online shops and investing in the shopping experience at physical points of sale.
  • With the aim of strengthening the position of pharmacies as the first point of contact for health issues and basic medical care, the Documedis® «Primary Care» module is to be expanded with additional algorithms for treating further common medical issues. Galenica is also committed to incorporating «Primary Care» services into health insurance models. The insurance company CSS is taking the lead here and will start paying for this service for its patients with the MyFlex outpatient supplementary insurance from the start of 2022.
  • Following the opening of the first Sun Store branch operating under the new store concept, this will be rolled out to other locations in 2022. In addition, Sun Store will introduce a new loyalty programme for its customers in 2022 and celebrate its 50th anniversary.
  • The collaboration between Bichsel, Mediservice, Medifilm and Lifestage Solutions will be further expanded in the area of home care and care homes so that customers can fully benefit from the associated added value and new offers.
  • Winconcept developed a new three-stage partnership model in 2021 and will launch it in 2022 for independent pharmacies and drug stores. In addition, Winconcept is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
Progress in the implementation of the ERP system

Logistics & IT

  • Launched in 2021, the pilot project for the reliable and secure electronic transmission of prescriptions using the «e-Prescription» digital solution from HCI Solutions and partner company AD Swiss Net is to be further tested with additional partners and developed for market readiness.
  • Alloga is planning to complete the rollout of the new ERP system. At Galexis, the rollout will be taken further, with a staggered implementation at the Niederbipp and Lausanne-Ecublens sites in order to minimise risks. The launch is planned for Lausanne-Ecublens in 2023, and Niederbipp in 2024. At the same time, Galexis will open the modernised Lausanne-Ecublens distribution centre in the second half of 2022.
  • Implementing measures for achieving the sustainability goals is also a top priority. Further pilot projects with alternative drives for delivery vehicles are to be launched and the necessary charging infrastructure for company vehicles is to be set up at relevant locations.

Guidance 2022

Galenica expects the coronavirus situation to normalise gradually over time. With the easing of social distancing and hygiene measures, an increase in cold and flu infections is expected. At the same time, Galenica expects a slow recovery at high-frequency locations. However, as more people are working from home, footfall continues to be expected below pre-coronavirus levels. The extraordinarily high level of additional sales resulting from the measures taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic are no longer expected in the 2022 financial year. Nevertheless, Galenica expects consolidated sales to be at least on prior year level.

Based on adjusted¹ EBIT for 2021 excluding the extraordinary results from the COVID-19 initiatives (estimated CHF 25 million) and the sale of the headquarters property in Bern (CHF 9.4 million), Galenica expects an EBIT increase of 5% to 10%.

Galenica strives for a strong and yet sustainable dividend development and plans for 2022 a dividend at least on prior year level.

1) Excluding the effects of IAS 19 and IFRS 16. See chapter «Alternative performance measures».

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