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Sustainability Report 2020 of the Galenica Group 

Sustainability is an integral part of Galenica corporate management, based on the belief that proactive and responsible actions contribute substantially to the company’s long-term success and have a positive impact on the company, internally and externally.


In 2020, we reviewed the relevance matrix and the sustainability goals, identifying three new key topics.

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Economic responsibility

Group-wide anti-corruption policy developed

In the area of compliance, the Galenica Group stepped up its anti-corruption efforts in 2020, defining the principles and rules for addressing corruption and the implementation of these by employees and business partners in an anti-corruption policy. More about compliance.

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Social responsibility

Pharmacies offering COVID-19 tests

Since mid-November 2020, the first few Galenica pharmacies have been offering coronavirus rapid antigen tests as well as PCR tests, thus making an important contribution to overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. More about patient safety and health.

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Ecological responsibility

Preliminary steps towards the use of renewable energy in logistics

In 2020, Galexis ordered a new type of biogas-fuelled vehicle and conducted preliminary test runs with an electric vehicle for local deliveries of goods and products in the city of Zurich. More about emissions and climate change.

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