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Stakeholder groups

Our stakeholder groups


Our stakeholder groups include interest groups and organisations that directly or indirectly affect – or are affected by – our values, actions and performance.

Customer proximity

We maintain relationships characterised by transparency, honesty and mutual respect with our direct stakeholders, i.e. customers, shareholders, suppliers, scientific institutions, current and potential employees, authorities, non-governmental organisations and others.

Our customers include patients, pharmacies, drugstores, physicians, hospitals, care homes, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies. To assess customer satisfaction and identify potential improvements, we use internal performance indicators and the findings of independent target group surveys. We want to use these findings as a basis for continuously improving the customer experience and offering customers added value through the measures taken.

Collaboration with suppliers

Collaboration with our various suppliers is characterised by a continuous improvement process as part of quality management in all service and business units. Quality, costs and prices, as well as potential innovations, are regularly discussed with suppliers and business partners. Interaction of this kind promotes transparency and helps to ensure that services can be provided as efficiently as possible.

Reporting to stakeholder groups

We update our stakeholder groups annually on our sustainability plans and activities in the Sustainability Report. In addition, the CDP questionnaire on climate change and greenhouse emissions completed by Galenica is published each autumn on

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