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Sustainability organisation and relevance matrix

Sustainability organisation and relevance matrix


We have formalised our commitment in the area of social responsibility with the establishment of the Sustainability Committee. In 2020, the Committee reviewed the relevance matrix and the related goals, identifying three new key topics.


Sustainability Committee revamped

The Sustainability Committee acts in an advisory and coordinating capacity. In 2020, its composition reflected the organisational structure in force until the end of that year. Accordingly, it was made up of one representative from each of the former Retail, Products & Brands and Services Business sectors, an additional representative from HCI Solutions (Services Business sector), three representatives from Galenica Ltd. (Legal Department, Corporate Communications and Human Resources) and a member of the Corporate Executive Committee (CFO). The head of Pharmacy Services Retail chaired the Committee.

Relevance matrix and goals reviewed

The Sustainability Committee met four times in the year under review with the aim of further systematising internal sustainability management and external reporting and ensuring the implementation of the internal roadmap. The measures were for the most part implemented according to plan. The Committee reviewed the relevance matrix and the related goals, identifying three new key topics. In addition, the internal target-setting process was initiated for all relevant matters under the Sustainability Committee’s guidance.

New composition of the Committee from 2021

Under the Galenica Group’s new organisational and management structure, which was launched at the beginning of 2021, the Sustainability Committee was also given a new composition. All sustainability issues as well as the Business and Service Units are represented on the Committee by a responsible person. The new Sustainability Committee comprises two representatives from Pharmacies, two from Wholesale and Logistics, two from IT & Digital Services, one each from Healthcare and Products & Marketing, two from Human Resources, one each from Legal and Corporate Communications and two from Finance. The Committee is chaired by the Chief Transformation Officer. The new Sustainability Committee held its constituting meeting at the beginning of 2021. The Committee’s main task in 2021 is to define internal goals and parameters for all relevant sustainability issues.

Relevance matrix tightened up

In 2017, Galenica identified the sustainability aspects of relevance for the Group for the first time, assessing these from the point of view of the Galenica Group as well as its main stakeholders. Following discussion on the new Sustainability Committee and the Corporate Executive Committee, three new key topics were identified in the year under review: the retention of qualified employees, procurement and supply-chain reliability and IT security and cybercrime. Accordingly, Galenica’s relevance matrix now comprises thirteen topics. The Corporate Executive Committee and the Board of Directors have approved the updated relevance matrix and classified twelve of the thirteen topics as material. These aspects form the core of sustainability reporting.

Talks with external stakeholders planned

Talks are planned with representatives of the external stakeholders in 2021 to review the relevance of the individual topics. In addition, the impact that Galenica has on its social, ecological and economic environment is to be assessed for each topic of sustainability.

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