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Pharmacist and doctor together under one roof

On 1 July 2021, we acquired Apodoc Hardbrücke Ltd., where both a pharmacy and a medical practice are available to customers on the same premises. With this innovative model, we want to gain valuable experience in the field of integrated care and cooperation between pharmacists and doctors.

The multidisciplinary approach between different service providers is becoming increasingly important. With Apodoc, we can also build our expertise and gain experience in this area. Apodoc is an innovative pharmacy that has integrated a medical practice into its premises and is thus considered a pioneer in integrated healthcare. The collaboration between the pharmacy and the medical practice is an excellent example of how interprofessional collaboration is practiced and lived, thereby improving health outcomes.

The acquisition of Apodoc is centred around the strategic «Care» programme, which aims to improve the quality of life of customers with needs-based health and therapy services. In particular, this will be achieved through cooperation and partnerships with other players in the healthcare system. With Apodoc, we can test and expand the collaboration between pharmacists and doctors for new business models and thus develop concepts that offer customers the greatest possible added value. For example, there are plans to start to gain experience in e-prescriptions (electronic prescriptions) in a pilot project at Apodoc.

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