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Own complementary medicine range expanded

Verfora acquired Spagyros Ltd. on 1 September 2021. Thanks to this expansion step, we are not only able to meet the growing demand for herbal and complementary medicinal products with our own products, but also strengthen pharmacies and drugstores with our own range of products that require intensive consultation.

Michael Severus, Head of Marketing and Sales for Complementary Medicine, Verfora Ltd.

With the takeover of Spagyros Ltd., we have taken a significant step in the expansion of our complementary medicine portfolio in the fields of phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, spagyric medicine and homeopathy while also investing in strengthening production and specialist retail in Switzerland. Spagyros is characterised by the high quality of its products, independent cultivation of medicinal plants and the manufacture of its medicinal products by hand in Switzerland.

Since the start of September 2021, Spagyros has been part of Verfora, where it is managed as an independent company and centre of competence for complementary medicine. With Spagyros, Verfora has expanded its portfolio with well-known brands such as Spagyrom® (lozenges and cold drops) and Spagyros Ribes nigrum® gemmospray (oral spray for colds and hay fever). In addition, Spagyros offers comprehensive training and further education programmes in the fields of spagyric medicine, homeopathy and gemmotherapy, which are recognised by the FPH and the Swiss Drug Association.

Thanks to the acquisition of Spagyros, Verfora is able to boost the growing demand for herbal and complementary medicinal products with its own range of products for pharmacies and drugstores that require intensive consultation. This step is part of the strategic «Omni-channel» programme, with which we aim to continuously develop and expand our product range to meet customer needs.

Which people do Spagyros products help and in what situation?

«The plant-based products can support patients in any situation. Spagyric medicine, gemmotherapy and homeopathy make it possible to prepare an individual remedy for each customer. For customers who need to dive quickly in and out of the pharmacy, we have our ready-made mixtures and medicines. In my opinion, this is the best way to ensure customer loyalty in the healthcare sector.»

Most popular product: Spagyros Ribes nigrum® mouth spray

Spagyric medicine, gemmotherapy and phytotherapy

Spagyric medicine is a holistic naturopathic treatment method in which the active substances from plants are separated, processed and then combined again in a special way.

In gemmotherapy, buds, shoot tips and young shoots are harnessed to promote regeneration and healing in humans.

Phytotherapy is traditional herbal medicine. Modern phytotherapy uses complex extracts from whole plants or parts of plants. Spagyros Ltd. specialises in a wide variety of fresh plant tinctures, which are produced according to the specifications of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

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