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E-Mediplan: increasing patient safety with digital innovations

A medication plan protects patients against side effects or overdose caused by drug interactions. This is because a medication plan provides a simple overview of prescribed medications and helps patients to take them and pharmacists and doctors to prescribe them. Thanks to the e-Mediplan, the e-health solution from HCI Solutions, the plan is now even easier to use and patient safety has been increased.


Drug interactions may occur if a patient takes two or more medications. These are usually undesirable and can lead to a loss of efficacy, dangerous side effects or an overdose. Around 10% of the Swiss population consume five or more medications per day. It is often difficult for patients to keep track of things and take the medication correctly. The medication plan helps patients to take their medication and it simplifies interdisciplinary care, as it provides a quick overview of the prescribed therapies for each treating doctor or pharmacist.

Example of an e-Mediplan

With the e-Mediplan, HCI Solutions has developed an e-health solution that allows patients to access an up-to-date overview of their medication digitally at any time – also in a practical app. The e-Mediplan increases the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments and makes an important contribution to patient safety and digitalisation in healthcare. This is because, with the e-Mediplan, not only patients, but also their relatives and healthcare professionals can keep an eye on the entire medication list and schedule at all times. The e-Mediplan includes, for example, the trade name and a picture of the corresponding tablet, as both are central to everyday life. The 2D barcode allows pharmacists and doctors to scan information from the e-Mediplan and transfer it to their own information system without any additional effort. The use of the e-Mediplan is a milestone on the way to further digitalisation steps such as e-prescriptions.

Promoting the e-Mediplan

Galexis and HCI Solutions have made it their joint task to further promote the patient benefits of the e-Mediplan. To this end, they pooled their resources and created an explanatory video that can be shown in doctors’ offices, for example. The aim of the information is to show patients the great benefit of medication and patient safety, and, in this way, also to raise their general awareness of digital solutions in the healthcare sector.

As part of the «Efficiency» strategic programme, we as a Group have set ourselves the goal of making Galenica easier – for our customers and partners and for our employees. In our activities, we therefore make use of synergies and consistently design processes and systems simply and, where possible, digitally.

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