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Calculation basis

GRI report

By systematically collecting and analysing data, we strive to provide transparent insights into our environmental, social and economic impact.

Data on our environmental impact (GRI 2-2, 2-4, 302-1, 302-2, 305-1, 305-2, 305-3)

The environmental key figures basically include all companies of the Galenica Group. The environmental data of companies with a minority interest and new companies such as Padma, which have only been part of Galenica since 2023, are not included. However, data from new companies will be collected from 2024.

For Amavita, Sun Store and other Galenica Group pharmacies, the electricity consumption of 304 shops was determined by extrapolating the available data from 246 locations. Almost all sales outlets are rented, which is why only the annual costs per location are available, but not the actual consumption. The electricity consumption of the pharmacies was therefore calculated using the electricity costs for the reporting year and the average electricity prices per region according to the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom). In 2023, the heat consumption of all 304 pharmacies was also extrapolated based on a representative sample in 27 branches. Among other things, the differentiation according to the heat source (51% district heating, 33% natural gas and 16% heating oil) was also taken into account. The municipal waste generated was extrapolated on the basis of a representative sample of 20 pharmacies in total. The average pharmacy generated around 4 tonnes of waste in 2023. The water consumption of all branches was also extrapolated. The available data from 14 locations served as the basis for this. The methodology used in 2022 and previous years is described in the sustainability reports for the corresponding years.

As Galenica is constantly optimising the system of environmental indicators and gradually expanding the system boundaries (due to the primarily inorganic growth of the company), the data is only comparable to a limited extent from year to year. For example, in 2022 the environmental indicators of Coop Vitality were retroactively excluded for previous years, as these are included 100% at Coop. Furthermore, in 2023, for example, the operation of Mediservice was no longer recognised by Galenica, but by Redcare Pharmacy. The new extrapolation method for pharmacies is responsible for the biggest change in many key figures at Group level and therefore also contributes to the fact that comparability with previous years is only meaningful to a limited extent.

The CO2 emissions caused by energy consumption are calculated using science-based emission factors (Swiss Greenhouse Gas Inventory of the Federal Office for the Environment and the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). The calculated CO2 emissions relate to direct and indirect emissions. According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Galenica's direct sources of emissions are the generation of space heating and the operation of its own vehicle fleet (= Scope 1). The most important indirect sources of emissions are the production of purchased district heating and electricity (= Scope 2) and the logistics services provided by contract drivers (= Scope 3).

Due to the ongoing specification of the calculation basis, some of the previous year's environmental figures have been restated. Reference to the recalculation is made at the relevant sections in the report.

Data on our employees (GRI 2-2, 2-4)

The key figures on the number of employees include all companies of the Galenica Group with a majority holding. The other employee indicators only include those companies that are fully integrated into the Galenica Group's HR system. The HR integration of new companies that have only been part of Galenica since 2023 will take place at a later date. Due to systemic challenges, full HR integration may take some time, depending on the size of the company. The data on our employees from 2022 has been adjusted for better comparability due to the joint venture with Redcare Pharmacy (deconsolidation of Mediservice).

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