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Business model (GRI 2-6)

About us

Galenica is active in the healthcare industry and offers healthcare services and products throughout Switzerland. Its customers include patients, pharmacies, drugstores, physicians, hospitals, care homes, health insurances and pharmaceutical companies.

The business activities of the Galenica Group comprise two segments. The “Products & Care" segment consists of the “Pharmacies”, “Healthcare” and “Products & Marketing” Service Units. They develop and market health services and products via various channels – in pharmacies, online and at home – to private customers and patients as well as to business customers and partners. The “Logistics & IT” segment consists of the “Wholesale & Logistics” and “IT & Digital Services” Service Units. They develop and operate the logistics, IT and digital infrastructure and digital platforms for the entire Galenica Group and for customers and partners in the healthcare industry.

The Galenica Group’s value chain comprises production, packaging, logistics, marketing and information, retail and medication use.

Financial capital
  • Equity/shareholders
  • Dept capital

1.5x Dept Coverage

Produced capital
  • Buildings (owned/rented)
  • Infrastructure (transport/IT)
  • Production equipment (internal/external)
  • Fleet (own/partner)

15% Electric vehicles
369 Pharmacies
78.8 mio. CHF investments in tangible and intangible assets

Intellectual/innovation capital
  • Brands
  • Distribution licences
  • Own developed software
  • Investments in digital services
  • Skilled personnel

80 own and partner brands
3.6 mio. CHF Investments in own developed

Human capital
  • Number of employees
  • Training/further education
  • Personnel expenses
  • Cultural development

7,902 Employees
551.0 mio. CHF Personnel expenses
5.4 mio. CHF Investment in further education

Social capital
  • Strong long-term partnerships
  • Regulators
  • Suppliers
  • Customers

1,300 Suppliers
26 Memberships in associations

Ecological capital
  • Energy use
  • Fossil fuels
  • Renewable resources
  • Water
  • Land

46% Electricity from renewable sources
15% Renewable drives for vehicle fleet
1,149,293m3 Water withdrawal

Business model
Outputs / Impacts
Financial capital
  • Sales/profit
  • Operating Cash Flow
  • Dividend

5.1% ROS
3.0% Dividend yield

Produced capital
  • Pharmacy network
  • Products
  • Security of supply/procurement

500,000 products & packages shipped
GDP standards

Intellectual/innovation capital
  • Services in pharmacies
  • Own software licensing
  • Customer journey
  • Efficient processes
  • Patient safety
  • Prevention
  • Generics substitution

270 mio. CDS.CE Checks
138,000 Health services provided

Human capital
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Motivation
  • Recommendations/employer attractiveness
  • Safe working environment

12% Fluctuation rate
51.7% Women in management
0.47% Absence rate
76 Motivation score
76 Recommendation score

Social capital
  • Broader product range
  • Reimbursement health insurance
  • Efficiency gains
  • Expansion of expertise
  • Representation of interests
  • Long-term contracts
  • Integrity in supply chains
  • Reputation
  • Customer satisfaction

5 Co-operations with health insurance
92.5% Net Promoter Score (target achievement)

Ecological capital
  • Emissions
  • Water consumption

85,972 GJ Electricity consumption
12,669 tCO2e GHG emissions

Contribution to the SDGs
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