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Transparency on non-financial matters

Non-financial reporting

The table below refers to individual non-financial report contents in the Annual Report 2023. The separate non-financial report in accordance with Art. 964a et seq. is binding and can be downloaded here.

Non-financial matters



Business operations

Business model

Materiality matrix

Opportunities and risks

Environmental matters

Greenhouse gas emissions and resources

Waste and packaging

Social issues

Dialogue with stakeholders

Patient safety

Security of supply and procurement

Health promotion

Social commitment

Employee-related issues

Attractive workplace

Occupational health and safety

Equality and diversity

Respect for human rights

Sustainable and ethical corporate governance

Integrity in the supply chain

Combating corruption


Due Diligence and Transparency in relation to Minerals and Metals from Conflict-Affected Areas and Child Labour

Due Diligence and Transparency

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