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Sustainable and ethical corporate governance

GRI report

Economic performance is the foundation for the long-term and sustainable corporate development of the Galenica Group. Galenica attaches great importance to conducting its business activities in an ethical and legally correct manner.


Management of the material topic (GRI 2-23, 2-24, 2-25, 2-26, 3-3)

Galenica attaches great importance to conducting its business activities in an ethical and legal manner. All business activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation. Compliance refers to compliance with legislation, standards (such as ISO 14001 or good distribution practice – GDP) as well as in-house and industry codes. Specifically, for Galenica this means, for example, compliance with its own Code of Conduct, the laws on therapeutic products, health insurance, employment, antitrust, tax and criminal law as well as respect for human rights in all business activities. As Switzerland’s largest healthcare network, combating corruption and anti-competitive behaviour are key topics for Galenica. Respect for human rights and other legislation is central to sustainable development, peace, security and prosperity.


The Legal Department of the Galenica Group supports the Service Units and companies in interpreting and applying the legislation correctly. It also ensures that new statutory provisions are implemented in the company. Current challenges for Galenica relate to the implementation of the new provisions of the revised Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) and the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA), which came into force on 1 September 2023.

Code of Conduct of the Galenica Group

In addition to the statutory provisions, the Code of Conduct of the Galenica Group sets out the ethical rules and standards that all employees must adhere to. It must be signed by all employees upon taking up employment as part of the employee manual. Among other things, the Code includes provisions on conflicts of interest, insider trading or corruption, as well as on environmental protection. The Code also contains clear commitments to human rights, such as fair working conditions, the exclusion of child or forced labour, discrimination, and the health and safety of employees. The Code of Conduct thus contributes to the removal of taboos from certain grey areas. The Code of Conduct was approved by the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors.

Managers are responsible for addressing and dealing with specific conflict situations in day-to-day business.

The Service Unit Pharmacies also has its own specific Code of Conduct. As a binding internal operating procedure, it serves to ensure that pharmacists have pharmaceutical independence at all times and, therefore, always give priority to the health and wishes of patients. The Code also sets out how employees must behave towards third parties and which advertising measures are permissible.

Compliance with laws and regulations (GRI 2-27, 205-2, 206-1)

The Galenica Group compliance programme includes a clear commitment to comply with legislation and guidelines and to behave with integrity. The programme describes the Galenica Group's approach to compliance within the three areas of prevention, discovery and reaction and acts as a framework for all central compliance measures and processes.

Galenica employees receive regular training on key compliance topics such as anti-corruption measures and antitrust law. Among other methods, a web-based tool is used for this purpose.

All Galenica Group companies continued to operate in compliance with the law in 2023. HCI Solutions first lodged an appeal with the Federal Administrative Court against a COMCO ruling from 2017 and then with the Federal Supreme Court against the ruling of the Federal Administrative Court in January 2022. Although the case is still pending and therefore not yet legally binding, COMCO obliged HCI Solutions to pay the CHF 3.8 million penalty in June 2023. Galenica remains confident of winning the case in the Federal Supreme Court. Otherwise, there were no fines or monetary sanctions resulting from non-compliance with laws and/or regulations.

Anti-corruption (GRI 205-3)

The Anti-Corruption Policy sets out the principles and guidelines for combating corruption and regulates their implementation by the employees and business partners of the Galenica Group. Any form of corrupt conduct towards or bribery of public officials and private individuals, whether directly or via third parties, is prohibited. Galenica has a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribery on the part of employees, partners, suppliers and representatives of third parties. The policy supplements the Group Code of Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct and applies to all employees.

The Galenica Group was not aware of any incidents of corruption in the reporting year and there were therefore no confirmed incidents of corruption.

Whistleblower Reporting Office (GRI 2-16)

Internal and external stakeholders may raise concerns about Galenica’s business activities through the external Whistleblower Reporting Office. This offers all employees and business partners the opportunity to anonymously report suspected breaches of the rules. All reports are investigated. In 2023, no cases were reported via the Whistleblower Reporting Office.

Reports of corruption and bribery must also be reported to the committee appointed by the Board of Directors. Various channels and points of contact are available to employees through which they can report concerns or matters of key importance. These include the Service Unit People & Culture, staff committees, the employee survey and the annual performance reviews. The Executive Committee deals with key and critical points from the employee survey or the staff committee and derives effective measures.

Objective corporate governance



Target year

Measurement parameter





We train all employees in compliance at least once a year.

Every year

Participation rate


Not all employees are trained


Not all employees are trained

↗  Realistic
→ Partially delayed/critical
↘  Critical
=  Achieved
×  Not achieved

Achievement of targets with regard to the participation rate of 100% by the end of 2023 is critical. The technical challenges were largely solved in 2023, and now all employees without a PC workstation, for example in logistics or pharmacies, also have a personalised e-mail account. However, a participation rate of 100% is hardly achievable due to holiday absences and illness. In addition, the majority of employees in pharmacies or logistics do not have their own PC workstation for completing the e-learning courses. At 88%, the participation rate among employees with PC workstations is correspondingly high. The participation rate for employees without a PC workstation is 42%.

Evaluation of the management approach and measures

  • Reporting: Suspected breaches of the rules by employees indicate potential for improvement and possible misconduct. All reports are investigated.
  • Audit and Risk Committee: The Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors reviews the company’s compliance and risk management process.
  • ISO audits: The ISO-certified companies of the Group are regularly audited.
  • Audit and Risk Committee: The Audit and Risk Committee supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling its duties with regard to accounting, financial reporting, risk management, compliance as well as internal and external auditing.
  • Audits: Internal Audit carries out audits of operational and strategic risk management and the internal control system (ICS) in accordance with the audit plan determined by the Audit and Risk Committee. In addition, the external auditor audits the consolidated financial statements of Galenica Ltd. and its subsidiaries on an annual basis.
  • Ratings: The Galenica Group is regularly assessed by external rating agencies for its environmental, social and economic (ESG) performance. Galenica has received a credit rating of BBB (investment grade) from ZKB and CS.

Comprehensive quality management

All Galenica Group companies have an extensive quality management system (QMS) in place. Alloga, Medifilm, Mediservice, UFD and HCI Solutions are certified to ISO 9001 (quality management system). Verfora, Bichsel and HCI Solutions are certified to ISO 13485 (quality management systems of medical device manufacturers). The Bichsel Group's QMS is also structured in accordance with the ICH-Q10 standard (pharmaceutical quality assurance system) of the European Medicines Agency. The manufacturing of sterile, biological medicinal products filled in an aseptic environment places the highest demands on the implementation and maintenance of a QMS. Due to the critical relevance of the manufactured products, Bichsel generally carries out a major review of compliance with ISO 13485 and the statutory good manufacturing practice (GMP) and GDP requirements every two years.

The process management systems of Galexis and the companies in the Service Unit Pharmacies also meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. However, they are not currently certified. Alloga, Galexis, G-Pharma, Mediservice and Verfora are periodically inspected by the regional therapeutic products inspectorates as part of GDP reviews.

Economic performance

As Switzerland's largest healthcare network, Galenica makes an important contribution to the Swiss economy, as an employer and taxpayer. Galenica firmly believes that the Group can achieve long-term economic success only if it bears social responsibility and uses natural resources efficiently and respectfully. Economic performance thus forms the basis for long-term and sustainable business development.

Direct economic value generated and distributed (GRI 201-1)

Galenica discloses information on direct economic value generated and distributed in its Financial Report. The economic value is generated in Switzerland and is mainly distributed in Switzerland. Exceptions are employees who are cross-border commuters and certain investors, partners and suppliers abroad.

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