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Social commitment

GRI report

Galenica is committed to various social and humanitarian projects. These include donations and sponsorship of social initiatives and events.


Management of the material topic (GRI 3-3)

As a strong partner in the Swiss healthcare market, Galenica is committed to the well-being of patients at all levels. The company is also involved in various social and humanitarian projects. This includes donations and sponsoring social initiatives and events. These philanthropic activities contribute to the well-being and cohesion of the communities being assisted.

Main partner of the crowd-donating platform "there for you"

"there for you" is a neutral platform on which social and humanitarian projects as well as initiatives from the fields of climate protection, animal welfare and child welfare are presented. Galenica focuses its commitment on current social and humanitarian projects. The specific projects that Galenica supports are determined together with the employees of the Galenica Group.

The aim of "there for you" is to enable as many crowd donating projects as possible to be implemented and thus actively help where help is needed. In doing so, the platform undertakes to select the individual projects carefully and conscientiously. With regular updates and videos at the start and end of the project, "there for you" ensures maximum transparency and shows supporters where and how their money is used. In 2023, an online meeting was held with "there for you", in which three projects were presented by their initiators themselves. Employees were then able to vote for their favourite project online. Another vote took place at the end of 2023, again online via the intranet. Employees were able to distribute further donations to four projects.

Further partnerships of the subsidiaries

Sun Store has been selling items every year since 2001, the proceeds of which are donated to the Winds of Hope Foundation. Winds of Hope advocates for the forgotten suffering of children who are victims of wars, disasters and especially the Noma disease. In 2023, Sun Store was able to donate CHF 15,000 to the organisation.

Galexis has been supporting the Sternschnuppe Foundation for many years with an annual contribution of CHF 10,000. The foundation uses this money to meet the wishes of children with illnesses or disabilities. Alloga has been working with SAZ Burgdorf for several years and employs a small team in their packaging department as part of a social commitment. The “Social Kilometre” programme designed by Pharmacieplus SA and its partners Galexis AG and UFD evaluates each kilometre covered during the year by the vehicles of the Pharmacieplus pharmacies that work with us wholesalers. Our common goal is to pay a selected association one cent for every kilometre driven.

Evaluation of the management approach and measures

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