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Health promotion

GRI report

Galenica aims to be the first point of contact for healthcare advice for people in pharmacies, digitally or at home, thereby ensuring nationwide, low-threshold access to healthcare services.


Management of the material topic (GRI 3-3, 203-2)

Particularly in view of the ageing population, preventive health care and prevention are important measures to promote the well-being and health of the Swiss population. Galenica has anchored this approach in the Care strategic programme. The aim is to be the first point of contact for healthcare advice for people in pharmacies, digitally or at home and thus to guarantee nationwide, low-threshold access to healthcare services.

Thanks to Galenica’s healthcare services, customers receive the necessary advice in the pharmacy in the event of acute complaints and, if necessary, the appropriate medication based on the diagnosis. This may also include certain prescription medications. Advice is straightforward and cost-effective and helps patients to recover quickly. To simplify billing of these services, Galenica cooperates with various health insurers to promote the pharmacy as a primary care location in alternative health insurance models.

Vaccination is another approach to health promotion. In addition to the flu and tick vaccinations, vaccinations against COVID-19 can also be administered following a consultation in the pharmacies. In 2023, two pilot projects were also launched in some cantons to vaccinate against whooping cough and herpes zoster. Documedis® Vaccination and the Vac Check from HCI Solutions allow vaccinations to be documented digitally. This makes it possible to identify risks and create a digital vaccination plan with an overview of all vaccination appointments.

Galenica offers various other check-ups in its pharmacies to prevent diseases. HerzCheck® (CardioTest) is the prevention service offered by the Swiss Heart Foundation and can help to determine the risk of heart attacks and strokes and, if possible, to prevent them. Galenica also offers blood pressure and blood sugar measurements in its pharmacies as well as rapid allergy tests that check the blood for antibodies against allergens. Once the results of these checks are available, customers are advised by trained specialists.

Objective health promotion



Target year

Measurement parameter





We increase the number of healthcare services provided by 10% annually until 2027.


Increase in % compared to previous year





↗  Realistic
→ Partially delayed/critical
↘  Critical
=  Achieved
×  Not achieved

Evaluation of the management approach and measures

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